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Ny form troll

The original Ny Form trolls. Handmade collectables since 1964.

Image of Troll w/horn (Troll # 038)
In stock 840038

Image of Troll  with bas (Troll # 198)
In stock 840198

Image of Troll, fiddler (Troll # 245) Image of Troll, fiddler (Troll # 245)
In stock 840245

Image of Troll w/accordion (Troll # 246)
In stock 840246

Image of Troll  rock musician (Troll # 305) Image of Troll  rock musician (Troll # 305) Image of Troll  rock musician (Troll # 305)
In stock 840305

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The trolls are a very important part of Norwegian and Scandinavian history and mythology. They are thousands of years old, but you can still sometimes see them in the woods when darkness sets in. They are however very shy, so nobody can agree exactly how they look.
The artist Trygve Torgersen created our first trolls back in the early 1960’s and the Ny Form trolls have since become the very essence of what a troll looks like.
Visitors to Norway buy our trolls as the most genuine symbol of Norwegian history, mythology and nature. But our figurines have also become very popular international collectors’ items and are sold all over the world to people appreciating the artistic qualities and the “good vibration” from the trolls.
We have a big selection of various trolls, clearly the same family, but as varied in shape and mood as any other family. There are over 140 different trolls in production today, and more than 200 trolls that are out of production but still sometimes available at collectors’ markets.
After 55 years the trolls are still made in the same way as Trygve created his first trolls. Every troll is made by hand with natural materials. The main ingredient is natural latex from rubber trees, making them almost unbreakable. 
The natural materials will age and gives the trolls an aging patina you won’t find in modern products.
For many people the trolls are a good luck item that is filling your home with good vibrations. “Take care of the trolls, and the trolls will take care of you!”

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